JCU brings National Geographic Virtual Library Alive

By Alexander Rosano

James Cook University (JCU) library is providing access to the National Geographic Virtual Library.

The trial online service will provide free access for the students and faculty of JCU.

Researchers and students will be able to explore National Geographic’s Virtual Library site both from the JCU library and off campus via the Elibrary gateway.

The National Geographic Society is one of the largest nonprofit scientific and educational institutions in the world. For one hundred and twenty six years, Nat Geo have sponsored and funded scientific research and exploration. Its mission is “to inspire people to care about the planet”.

The National Geographic Virtual Library supports research in a wide range of academic disciplines and provides students with an extensive introduction to primary sources in an engaging, exciting format. It also provides examples of the work of the finest photographers in the world for students of the creative arts.

The National Geographic magazine is well known for articles about geography, history, archaeology, natural science, environmental and historical conservation and world culture from the most distant corners of the world. It is also known for its high quality photojournalism and famous photographs by the world’s best photographers.

The library holds copies of the National Geographic magazine from 1888 to the present. There are full text books, videos, comprehensive, relevant articles about People, Animals and the World (PAW), iconic photographs and maps. Magazines and books can be viewed in their entirety or the library can be searched by geographical location, subject, date, article, topic, image, image type, author or PAW.

Check it out for yourself on National Geographic Virtual Library.

If there is enough demand and sufficient funds the University may subscribe on a permanent basis so if you like it let JCU know Trial of new databases.