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Army Wins Chancellor’s Cup

Annual Chancellor’s Cup Rugby showdown between JCU and Army was held on October 19, giving both teams a chance to avenge their 2011 losses.

Rugby League For Dummies

Do you want to go see a Cowboys rugby league game, but can’t understand the rules? JCNN’s international reporter is here to help you understand the ins and outs of this tough sport.

The Cadel Of Carlyle Gardens

JCNN sat down with cycling veteran Maurie Zanker to find out how he recovered from a horrible accident to get back in the saddle.

E-sports On The Rise

Gamer story Dream HoN tournament

While thousands of Australians sit in front of their TVs every night to watch traditional sporting teams battle it out, thousands more are glued to their computer screens watching their favourite teams clash for huge prizes and reputation in gaming

Inter-faculty Rugby Report

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Six teams battled for rugby glory at Joe Baker Field on Wednesday, September 12. JCNN was there to speak to the winners, losers and capture all the action.

Bushwalking Is Back


International student Liz Saccoccia has revived the JCU Bushwalking Club for adventurous students to enjoy.