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Utopia Comes to JCU


Documentary film Utopia was screened at JCU last week to a packed crowd of students, lecturers and rights activists. By Kodie Jia-Craige

JCU Sport Report: May

Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154040425285078&set=oa.10152044807226725&type=3&theater

Sport at James Cook University becomes as intense as the study workload as the end of semester nears. By Gabrielle Vacher.

Revegetating Goondaloo

Green Thumb: Volunteers at Saturday's tree planting event.

James Cook University’s Goondaloo creek got a green thumb makeover on the weekend with over 200 saplings planted along the banks of the creek. By Leilani Waters

New Councillors Cry for Change

Improvements needed: JCU Council member Edward Harridge looks to make numerous moves during his two year tenure.

JCU has elected three new students to the JCU Council Board.  By Steven Ross

Funding to Save the Frogs

Sick: A frog suffereing from Chytridmiocosis.
Photo Credit: Lee Berger

JCU scientists are calling for more funding to save endangered frogs. By Judith Aisthorpe

Stress Less


As university nears the end of first semester, students may find that stress is beginning to play a role in making or breaking mid-year results. By Judith Aisthorpe