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Townsville Says No to Forced Closures


An estimated 200 Townsville residents joined thousands of protestors across Australia and internationally, making their voices heard in the ongoing fight against the forced closure of remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia.  

JCU Without an Indigenous Representative


By Domanii Cameron   The Queensland State Government has failed to give James Cook University any reason as to why an Indigenous Representative was not appointed to the University’s Council.   It is the first time in almost 20 years

Group Working towards Reconciliation at JCU


Cross-cultural awareness is to be the main focus of this year’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Working Group. By Sandra Haaland

Utopia Comes to JCU


Documentary film Utopia was screened at JCU last week to a packed crowd of students, lecturers and rights activists. By Kodie Jia-Craige

JCU unveils its Reconciliation Action Plan

ENGAGE: Jacinta Elston and Eliza Glasson are eager for students at JCU to get to know the Reconciliation Action Plan for further engagement with the indigenous communities.

James Cook University is tackling the lack of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge through implementing the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). By Sandra Haaland

Gerry’s Deadly

DEADLY: Observing the natural environment.

Gerry Turpin has always had a strong passion for Indigenous plant use, and maintaining and documenting this knowledge for future generations has always been one of his top priorities.