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Drawing the Line on Poverty

Challenge: JCU students are endeavouring to 'Live Below the Line.'

25 John Flynn College residents are fundraising to change the lives of thousands of young people living in extreme poverty. By Gabrielle Vacher

All-Inclusive Benefits of Lent

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Modern-day Lent has prompted even non-religious individuals to make lifestyle changes and achieve personal goals during the 40 day fasting period. By Gabrielle Vacher.

Stress Less


As university nears the end of first semester, students may find that stress is beginning to play a role in making or breaking mid-year results. By Judith Aisthorpe

Generation Radiation

Safety precautions: We should be conscious of how close a mobile phone is to our heads. PHOTO CREDIT: http://phys.org/news195936306.html

  An insight into why your mobile phone could be doing you damage By Domanii Cameron

Contending Like Beckham

The 6th Exercise & Sport Science Australia and Sports Dieticians Australia conference 'Research to Practice' is to be held in Adelaide from April 10 to 12. Image Credit: ESSA Website

Tamara Woolley's soccer-based Honours research project is a 'keeper'. By Gabrielle Vacher.

New Study To Combat Foot Ulcers

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Patients may soon be saying goodbye to troublesome foot ulcers thanks to a study by a JCU researcher. By Emma Kennedy