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It All Adds up for Maths Teachers

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JCU is again paving the way for universities in Australia as staff design a new mathematics subject for James Cook University’s Townsville Campus.

Smashing The Stigma

SOCIAL WORK: Dedicated students helped bring the conference to JCU

.     A conference to be held at JCU this Friday, October 5, aims to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.

Catholic School Teachers Strike


JCNN reporters were on the scene to speak with local Catholic school teachers striking over negotiations with their employers.

Day of Diplomacy

Townsville high school students got to be diplomats for the day thanks to JCU Townsville’s Young Diplomats Program. By Ashleigh Gibson http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGb_y3SlOGQ&feature=plc

National Bookshop Day

Read any good books lately? Locals took deck chairs to Flinders Street on August 11 to celebrate National Bookshop Day with a public read-out.

New Building Construction Update

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The constructions by the refectory are the foundations of an innovative education and student services building, yet to be named, due to open by 2013.