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Loss of Holiday Causes Local Economic Downturn

Jenny Hill

The loss of the May Day Holiday after the Groovin the Moo weekend is making it harder for local businesses. By Sandra Haaland and Cornelia Koppang Henriksen

All-Inclusive Benefits of Lent

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 12.11.48 PM

Modern-day Lent has prompted even non-religious individuals to make lifestyle changes and achieve personal goals during the 40 day fasting period. By Gabrielle Vacher.

Mad Hatters at Lunch

Dr Donnalee Taylor and volunteer students Veronica Munday-Stevens, Stephanie Burges, Rose Blackwood, Philippa Thomas and Taryn Don.

Every fourth Friday of the month the first year biomedical science students get together for a freaky lunch to relax, meet fellow students and form a community. By Cornelia Koppang Henriksen

JCU Sport Report: March

Fisher Shield Swimming Carnival

Keep up-to-date with the victories, the losses, and the dates of upcoming matches between James Cook University students and their rival colleges, faculties and fellow peers in the numerous sporting competitions held throughout the semester. By Gabrielle Vacher.

Seafood Festival goes swimmingly

The inaugural Townsville Seafood Festival was a winner with the locals last weekend. JCNN Reporters Jamsin Fry and Haylee Asplin set out to see what the festival had in store.     

Not Too Old To Dance

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Over 40’s filled Tony Ireland Stadium on October 20 for a rock concert to prove to the world they weren’t too old to dance.