Townsville Stick Fighters are a Hit

OFFICIAL POSTER: The Australasian Stickfighting Titles

A group of Townsville athletes will be travelling to Adelaide to compete in the National Titles.

By Leilani Waters

Four members of the Townsville Stick Fighting Club will be heading off to Adelaide for the two day Australasian Stickfighting Titles tournament held on the 7th and 8th of June.

OFFICIAL POSTER: The Australasian Stickfighting Titles

OFFICIAL POSTER: The Australasian Stickfighting Titles

Stickfighting is a style of martial arts that involves battling with two sticks either wearing full armour or limited armour called Kulata, which means to fight with only a helmet and gloves.

Coach Tom Goldsworthy has 25 years experience in martial arts and holds a second place in Australian Titles Open Kulata full contact division.

Tom will be competing again this year and says he has high hopes for the team.

“We bought back five medals last year,” Tom says.

“We brought back silver and bronze in the novice, gold in the women’s kulata, silver in the men’s Kulata, and a silver and bronze in the 40-45 division.”

“I think I’ve got a few medals coming in for the novice, and I think Joseph will take out his division too, which is a big division.”

Joseph Irvine 20 has only been training in stick fighting for a year.

He participated in the championship last year where he came second in the novice division.

“This year I’m in opens which means I have being training for at least a year and that my opponents will have a minimum of a years training and no maximum,” Joseph says.

“My opponents experience could range from about 1-15 years.”

Joey says he enjoys the challenging contact aspect of the sport.

“My favourite thing about stick fighting is the openness and variety of competitors the sport allows,” he says.

“It’s also good because it can be humbling because you’re using weapons where your size and weight aren’t as much of a factor unlike unarmed combat where it is key.”

The winners of the Australasian titles will head over to the Philippines for the international titles later this year.