Take pride and Ride – Ride to Uni Day a Great Success

Environmentally Conscious: Students who opted to ride to uni.

Fresh air and exercise were the call of the day when students elected to Ride to Uni to promote awareness of environmental issues.

By Jazmin Malcolm

Townsville University students were encouraged to ditch four wheels in favour of two for the annual Ride To Uni day last week.

Students who attended the event enjoyed a crisp morning ride to university with snacks, bike decorating and a mechanic waiting upon arrival.

JCU Environmental Manager Adam Connell says the day was aimed at encouraging students to see the benefits of helping the environment.

“We’re just encouraging students to get on their bikes instead of driving their car to uni and raising awareness of the social and environmental benefits of doing so,” Adam says.

“Environmentally it reduces green house gas emissions.

“It means we don’t have invest in as much infrastructure for parking, which means we don’t have to cut down trees and put in bitumen, and socially it’s really good for peoples health.

“It’s a good way to save money as well for students, because there is no fuel cost and no registration costs.”

Event Organiser and Medical student Rebecca Tuma says riding to university is a great way for students to have less of an impact on the environment.

“Cycling is something which each individual can easily do.

“Most people have a bike or have access to a bike.

“[For] Every kilometre you ride, you are saving .3mg of Carbon Dioxide in comparison to driving a car,” Rebecca says.

Environmentally Conscious: Students who opted to ride to uni.

Environmentally Conscious: Students who opted to ride to uni.

The Medical Building was abuzz with around 50-100 participants enjoying a free breakfast and a mechanic busy overseeing everyone’s bikes.

Social Work student Brianna Hoff says she was there to help offset the environmental impact of her travelling.

“My partner is French so we have to fly back to France to see his family every now and then,” Brianna says.

“If I can counteract the carbon emissions from the aeroplanes that I take by not driving at all, I can take a flight back to see my partner’s family every two years.”

The event started by the Doctors for the Environment and JCU Bicycle Users Group is held every year at the Medical Building in May.

For more information, head on over to the JCU BUG page.