Site up in lights as local businesses support Stadium

Stadium projection- (from left) Dom Newport, Tam Hill and Darryl Byrnes

Nine local businesses have come together in a bright display to project their support for the proposed Integrated Stadium and Entertainment Centre in the Townsville CBD.

Samuel Shaw

Stadium Projection Darryl, Tam and Dom

Stadium Projection: Darryl Byrne, Tam Hill and Dom Newport

Last week nine shipping containers were stacked in formation to create a massive surface to project concept images and local support onto.

The 36m wide by 9m tall projector screen was placed on the now council-owned land that the proposed stadium will sit on, off Saunders Street.

The project, created and run by manager of North Queensland Audio Visual Darryl Byrne, was estimated to have cost around $50,000 in resources and time donated by eager businesses with a vision of urban renewal for Townsville city.

“We have some amazing technology available to us that can project an image that will enable people to get an actual feel of what the stadium will actually be,” he said.

Darryl approached local businesses to get on board with the project in hopes that a future stadium in the heart of the CBD would boost the local economy.

“Every business that I have ever spoken to about the project has been nothing but supportive, no one turned us down at all, local businesses are really loving the thought of having a stadium,” he said.

“The flow on effects of having a stadium built here in the city is huge, being able to go for a drink or a meal before a game, wander down to and check out a concert or a Wallabies game and then go out after for a drink.”

“It’s the right location for the stadium,” he said.

Byrnes shut down local criticism that the businesses had something to gain from the construction of the potential stadium.

“For everyone to get involved and get behind it was amazing- no one is benefiting from this except Townsville,” he said.

Project projectionist Tam Hill from Club Sandwich, based in Byron Bay, leaped at the opportunity to be involved in the massive project.

“Not often do we get the chance to help out a bit more than creating pretty pictures, so when Darryl gave me a call we definitely jumped on board to make it happen, and it sounds to me that the stadium is pretty important to the town, so its great to be involved,” he said.

“Darryl had the idea about three weeks ago but it’s all come together in the past four days, I’ve probably never done a job this quick but its all come together.”

The nine businesses involved in the project were:
NORTRANS (Northern Transport)
Tropical Containers
Townsville Cranes
Blue Kino
Coates Hire
Delta Office
Zip Zip Electrical

“The fact that no one has turned me down for assistance in the local community is a great indication that people in Townsville want this,” Darryl said.

“This is not just a stadium for Townsville, this is a stadium for North Queensland.”

The project can be seen here.

To learn more about the proposed Stadium, or to pledge your support, click here.

Stadium projection- (from left) Dom Newport, Tam Hill and Darryl Byrnes

Stadium projection- Dom Newport, Tam Hill and Darryl Byrne