Sisters Doll rock Townsville

Credit: Sisters Doll

Melbourne-based glam rock band Sisters Doll performed at The Venue last month, and what an experience.

Kiara Hayward

From start to finish the band gave it their all, creating an electric and exciting atmosphere which the busy venue loved.

It was clear the three band members love their profession as they fully engaged with the audience, keeping their attention and making sure they were never bored with the performance.

Aided by crazy moves and brilliant solos, the night was thoroughly enjoyable.

It was not the first time Sisters Doll has performed in Townsville though it was the first night they were not a supporting act, but actually the main event.

Photograph 1: Band Members B. Monroe (Left), Lipz (Middle), and Auzy Foxxx (Right)

Band members and brothers, B. Monroe (guitar, lead vocals), Lipz (drums, vocals), and Auzy Foxxx (bass, vocals) made it a night to remember despite a few hiccups with B. Monroe’s broken strings and dropped guitar picks.

These issues didn’t faze him or the other band members, with Auzy Foxxx making sure the audience was still entertained with a bass solo while B. Monroe swapped guitars.

Bass player Auzy Foxxx

After a few more original songs it was time for another intermission (of sorts), this time with an outstanding drum solo by Lipz.

The drummer played along with an electronic/ dubstep sounding track, impressing all of us in the audience.

Lipz playing drum solo

At one point during the performance, guitarist B. Monroe even got off the stage in the middle of a song to mingle with the crowd whilst continuing to play.

He interacted with fans and high-fived everyone he could before he had to get back onstage.

Overall their treatment of fans was really something to behold.

Between songs, the lead singer repeated how much the brothers appreciated how many people were there to support them, as well as the enthusiasm and participation of the crowd throughout the night.

Guitar player B. Monroe


They didn’t have any special effects or a crazy stage design, but they didn’t need it.

Their performance, energy, and passion for their music are more than enough to keep you engaged and wanting more.

The electric atmosphere continued into the night, and when B. Monroe announced that the next song was their last “unless you want more!” (as the lead singer put it), the audience begged for them to continue.

After another energetic performance (awesome light-up guitar included) Sisters Doll, played three more songs after their set-list was over, with two original songs and a cover.

B. Monroe with his special light-up guitar


They ended their show on a high by performing a cover of ‘Love Gun’ by KISS.

As they take inspiration from KISS (and other similar bands) it was great to see them do the song justice.

As a fan of KISS myself, the song didn’t feel like a cheesy cover at all, it was more like a tribute to the style of rock Sisters Doll are trying to resurrect.

Following their amazing performance, the brothers took a group photo with everyone in the audience instead of hiding backstage.

They mixed with the audience, taking individual photos with fans and signing merchandise as people bought it.

They also talked with fans and were only rushed when The Venue stated they wanted to close up for the night.

The guys haven’t let their recent television fame cloud their attitudes; they are still down to earth and appear to value every single fan- regardless of whether those fans supported the band before or after featuring in the Grand Finals of Australia’s Got Talent.

If anyone’s going to bring back glam rock, it will definitely be these guys.

Based on the success of the night, I’m sure I’m not the only one looking forward to the next time Sisters Doll are in town! Check out their Facebook page here or their Twitter here.