Siskin River Washes Over Townsville

Siskin River stopped by to perform their unique blend of folk and blues at Townsville’s Full Throttle theatre last week.

JCNN’s Rebekah Smith caught up with the girls after the show to discuss performing, festivals and a new album.

Sisters Tullara and Shalane Connors delighted a small but dedicated audience with songs from their EP and a debut song played especially for Townsville fans.

The talented duo added an unexpected element to their performance, breaking into a tap dancing routine halfway through the aptly-titled song, ‘One Step at a Time.’

Siskin River have slowly built a reputation for themselves since releasing their first EP in May.

“We’re onto our second print now – it’s been really nice having something to give to people,” Tullara said.

With an album set for release in 2013, the duo are preparing to head back to the studio.

Shalane (pictured right) said she hoped their previous recording experience will pay off.

“We’ve only done it once, and I actually found it quite difficult, but we’ll be doing that again soon, so the next time around, it’ll go a lot smoother,” she said.

The Connor sisters both said they  preferred live shows to studio work.

“It’s just a different atmosphere when you have a crowd, you feed off the crowd.

“It’s a lot more fun but recording is a blast as well, hopefully next time around we can do it more live, so to speak,” Tullara said.

Live shows seem to suit Siskin River, with their soulful vocals and intricate guitar riffs captivating audiences.

Influences such as John Butler, Mama Kin, Gilian Welch and The Waifs are clearly evident in their music.

Shalane, who is the main vocalist, said they drew inspiration from personal experiences, folk stories and “obscure ideas”. The song ‘Sex and Fairytales’ is a prime example of their song writing ingenuity.

Raising their profile through travelling, Siskin River said Townsville was one of their favourite destinations. However, they prefer festivals to stand alone gigs.

“It’s more [about the] events than places I think,” Shalane said.

With festivals lined up, including the Festival of the Sun in Port Macquarie this December, Siskin River have a very busy few months ahead of them.

Find out more about the band’s music on their website or their Facebook page.