School Drama Turned Into Play


JCU students highlight struggles of bullying and friendship.

By Sandra Haaland

Bullying, teenage struggles and friendship were a few of the themes depicted in Art Curriculum One’s play ‘Gemma and Kate and Willow’  last week.

The inspiration for the play came from everyday stories told by year eight girls from St Margaret Mary’s College.

Art Curriculum One student Shauna Crabbe with help from fellow students wrote ‘Gemma and Kate and Willow’ which was performed by students for St Margaret Mary’s College and JCU.

“The girls at the school really enjoyed talking to us and said they connected with the topics discussed and they could recognize that we had used some of their stories in the play,” Shauna says.

“We basically took the stories as inspiration and changed it into a script, because we had to choose a storyline and tried to incorporate the ideas and story’s from the girls.”

The play takes place at a college with scenes from the classroom, bus stop, bus and a park.

Play: Students performing the play.

Play: Students performing the play.

For the past seven weeks, JCU students have been interviewing the girls, converting their stories into a script and rehearsing the play.

Shauna says the process of making the script was a long road, but she is happy with the outcome.

“I had to rewrite the script a fair few times and as our class are very respectful to each other, no one would step on anyone’s toes and because of that we were circling our tales for about five weeks before our final product was made,” Shauna says.

The students also introduced social media platform Facebook as a ‘character,’ played by drama major student Laurence Page.


Laurence Page as the ‘character’ Facebook

“To do Facebook was an excellent idea, and the college girls loved it,” Laurence says.

“In a process like this I find it very hard to do the same thing every week and a good actor would just do the lines and change it up but I just had to mess with the script entirely but it made it fun and kept people interested I hope.”

Acting: Laurence Page as the 'character' Facebook

Acting: Laurence Page as the ‘character’ Facebook

It is the first time that an Art Curriculum One class has performed a project like this at JCU.

“We are the first group to do this and there are some kinks that need to be worked out for the next group,” Laurence says.

“It gives an opportunity to students who don’t have a lot of experience with drama to implement actual drama techniques, were sitting in a classroom and taking notes isn’t giving them that knowledge.”