Queensland Instameet Hosts Thousands of Participants

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The North Queensland Instameet had over a thousand participants.


By Kyla Whitmore

A state-wide event organized by Queensland Tourism and Events known as the ‘Instameet’ has witnessed over 6000 photographs uploaded in an effort to highlight the state’s natural beauty.

Images are moderated and uploaded to the social media platform Instagram, to create a massive wave of digital content known colloquially as a “digital clap”.

Event organisers want the event to highlight residents’ favourite pockets of the state, and showcase Queensland as a global destination.

Travel blogger, Paul Fleming, better known as ‘LoveThyWalrus’ says ;
“We’re coming together to share the amazing beauty of Queensland, all on the same day. People like their information now. If you think of a place where you want to go, you want to get an idea in your mind of what it looks like. Today, you get that from Social Media”

Fleming considers Instagram as part of a “new wave of social travel”, and complements traditional travel writing to impart an experience or mood as opposed to quick visual-based inspiration.

“Instagram is accessible. Anyone can use it, and anyone can take the pictures I take as well. That’s why I like to shoot that way – People can see themselves in that location and see themselves capturing it in a similar way.”

Fleming travelled from his home in Hobart, Tasmania to help draw attention to the event from his more than 40,000 followers. Fleming compares Queensland to paradise, as a far cry from the biting cold of Tasmanian winter.

“It’s is visual. You get people’s attention through the image, and that’s what’s going to sell itself”.

Lachlan Rogers, spokesperson for Queensland tourism and Events, says he was “blown away by the response” Queenslanders had towards the Instameet.

“We were hoping for about 3000 pictures shared, and we had well and truly surpassed that by 9am Saturday,” he said.

Images from Townsville’s 4th October Instameet can be found on Instagram, as well as other contributions from across the state by searching for the hash-tag #ThisIsQueensland.