Norwegian School Welcomes Exchange

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Norway’s Creative College Norges Kreative Høyskole is looking to welcome exchange students from JCU for a semester in classes that would be taught in English.

By Cornelia Koppang Henriksen


The Nowegian school Norges Kreative Høyskole (NKH) has previously only offered two-year courses as a vocational school.

NKH students then had the opportunity to complete their third and fourth years at an overseas university.

In past years, several NKH students have come to JCU to complete their New Media Arts degree at the School of Creative Arts, or a Bachelor of Multimedia Journalism degree at the School of Arts and Social Sciences.

As of this year NKH is introducing its own Bachelor courses and will also give JCU students the opportunity to undertake their exchange at NKH.

The school also wants to invite students from other countries to take their fifth semester in Norway.

Bachelor of Journalism course leader at NKH Lars Richard Bache says that only journalism would be offered exclusively as a Bachelor course.

“We are welcoming students from James Cook University to Norway,” Lars says.

“The whole fifth semester will be taught in English if there are English speaking students.”

The Associate Director for International Recruitment and Admissions at JCU Jan Mo has not yet heard of the changes in the curriculum at NKH in Norway.

“This is without doubt interesting news and we will certainly take this into consideration and try and make it possible for our students to take a semester at NKH,” Jan says.

If plans are set into motion, JCU students can add the NKH as another destination in the growing list of Study Abroad locations now on offer.

If you are a JCU student and want to do a semester overseas, contact the JCU Exchange Program by email