New Building Construction Update

Picture 10

The constructions by the refectory are the foundations of an innovative education and student services building, yet to be named, due to open by 2013.

By Lachlan Williams

The facility will act as a hub for education students, a centre for student assistance and the welcome building for Townsville’s JCU campus.

But the building will be more than a fancy façade ̶ it is more technological and economical than any building at JCU and is designed to cater to the most advanced teaching methods.

Dean and Head of the School of Education, Dr Lindsay Parry, is proud his school can occupy the state-of-the-art space.

“It will provide exciting teaching and learning spaces that are open, flexible and technologically rich,” he said.

“It will support collaborative teaching approaches where group problem-solving and teamwork are emphasised.”

Teaching approaches, such as active learning, were the focus of design for JCU senior project manager Sherron Irwin.

“The education students are going to be learning in, and going to learn to teach in, all the different types of teaching spaces there are in the current education market place,” Ms Irwin said.

“In active learning buildings the lecturer provides a certain percentage of content from the front, then students work on things together, deliver a certain percentage of the content back to the rest of the class and finally go and reflect on it at home.”

Managing Director of Wilson Architects, Hamilton Wilson, said the building will be greener than any other at JCU thanks to its design and will set the standard for a JCU student’s expectations.


The building’s sustainability initiatives include:

Extensive perforated shading

Exploiting natural daylight via skylight

Natural ventilation to reduce air-conditioning

Solar panels and motion-sensor lighting that automatically adjusts for varying daylight intensity.

To be opened in January of next year, the new Education and Student Services centre looks to bring the technology of 2012 to our classrooms.