National Bookshop Day

Read any good books lately? Locals took deck chairs to Flinders Street on August 11 to celebrate National Bookshop Day with a public read-out.

By Ashleigh Gibson

READERS’ DELIGHT: The Hutchinson-Reade family got involved in National Bookshop Day earlier this month.

Book enthusiasts gathered at Mary Who? Bookshop on Saturday August 11, to celebrate National Bookshop Day.

This annual public read-out was about celebrating independent bookshops in the community.

The day’s theme was ‘Urban Beach’, encouraging people to bring their favourite books and comfiest deck chairs out onto Flinders Street to promote their love of reading.

Mary Who? co-owner Kerry McIlroy said it was important for people to help keep local bookshops in business.

“Obviously things are changing digitally, but there is still a place for a physical bookshop and for keeping in touch and talking to people,” she said.

“People still like to communicate, they like to hear what each other are reading.”

The enthusiastic local supporters who gathered on Flinders Street turned the sidewalk into a virtual beachfront with chairs and towels for a relaxing morning of reading.

Eleven-year-old Anna Hutchinson-Reade spent the afternoon reading her favourite books with her stuffed dog, Louis. 

“Louis is reading The Man from Snowy River and Other Verses,” she said.

“It’s a poem book and it’s really good. I’m reading Deltora Quest Two – The Cabin of Fear and it’s really good.

“I haven’t counted how many books I have read, but I like books because they leave a picture in your mind, even when there’s no pictures in the book.”