More Options For Nursing Students


James Cook University will introduce a reformed nursing degree from 2013 in order to improve the transition from university to real-world nursing work and guarantee students are ready for industry requirements.

By Adrienne Curry

The “transformed” degree involves flexible modes of delivery and four major options; Evidence-Based Practice, Mental Health, General and Rural and Remote Health.

Bachelor of Nursing Science course coordinator and lecturer Ylona Chun Tie (pictured right) said the availability of more majors is beneficial to students.

“Graduates will be registered as nurses, which allows them to practice in any number of settings,” she said.

“Having a major gives students requisite knowledge to support practice in a specialised setting.”

First year nursing student Nathaniel Wicks said the new curriculum is a solid foundation for those in the degree.

“The introduction of new majors and programs give students the opportunity to practice their knowledge and build skills for future years and experience,” Mr Wicks said.

The opportunities offered are not just for newly-enrolled students, however.

“Current second year students will still be able to complete the Mental Health major.

“Second year students will have the benefit of being able to choose an elective next year, as well as completing the new Capstone: Clinical Nursing Practice subject in Study Period Two of third year, which is the crowning jewel in the program,” Ms Chun Tie said.

The Capstone subjects allow students to apply their clinical knowledge from previous subjects and help prepare them for the transition into the nursing field.

The degree also includes other learning practices to prepare students for future employment.

The new curriculum involves interactive Professional Experience Workshops (PEW) in preparation for professional experience placement.

“Professional Experience Workshops replaces the traditional model of tutorials and clinical skills labs and combines them into one interactive and innovative learning session,” Ms Chun Tie said.

“The refreshed Bachelor of Nursing Science curriculum includes a number of key changes that will increase student choices, improve the student experience and better meet industry requirements of graduates to be work ready through a new and innovative approach to transition to clinical practice.”

For more information, visit the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Nutrition.