More Comic-Film Adaptions in 2016

dc marvel piece main photo

With so much success from other past comic book turned film adaptions, it’s not surprising that more are coming to movie theatres this year.

Kiara Hayward

In fact, the top three movies in Australia’s yearly Box Office are DC and Marvel superhero comic adaptions.

In third is Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, grossing over $22,517,365.

Second is Captain America: Civil War, grossing over $22,669,483.

And at the top is Deadpool, grossing over a staggering $33,314,499.

With huge fan bases for both movies and comics, these films will never fail to reel in the cash (unless of course fans have no faith in the film, *cough* Fantastic Four *cough*).

The next films by DC and Marvel, Suicide Squad and Doctor Strange respectively, are also tipped to bring in the big bucks at the Box Office.

Here’s what fans can expect from the two films later this year.



Suicide Squad (5th August, 2016)

This film is the next offering from DC, and is not your typical superhero movie.

In fact it’s not a superhero movie at all, as the group known as the Suicide Squad is actually made up of villains from the DC comic universe.

What we know of the story so far is that the US government teams these villains together to handle situations the government does not want to be seen publicly involved in.

The team includes Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Deadshot (Will Smith), and Enchantress (Cara Delevingne), just to name a few.

We also see the new Batman (Ben Affleck) in his second appearance on screen, following Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Most of the character names are not recognisable to non-comic fans, but there is one name in particular which has gotten fans talking.


The much loved character returns for this movie, played by Jared Leto.

Most people know his name from the band, 30 Seconds to Mars, but he is also an actor, who has not really been seen in anything for quite a while.

Because of this many fans are worried that he will not do the character justice, especially following Heath Ledger’s excellent take on the Joker in 2008.

From the trailer at least, it does seem as though Leto’s version of the Joker will be more visibly unhinged than Ledger’s.

There have also been some very mixed reactions about the character’s new appearance, with fans unsure of what to make of the tattoo-covered psychopath.


Doctor Strange poster

Doctor Strange (4th November, 2016)

This is the upcoming film from Marvel, and it will feature an entirely new character and story to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The character, whose name is Dr Stephen Strange, is played by Benedict Cumberbatch, known from his work in Sherlock.

The film seems to be his origin story, and will detail his journey to becoming the powerful sorcerer that comic fans know and love.

From the trailer it seems that this film will be a feast for the eyes, with effects that look as if they’ve been pulled from Inception.

doctor strange visual example

Strange will also bring a new power to the cinematic universe, magic. Comic fans are familiar with the sorcerer’s abilities but movie fans have not had the privilege to see how magic works in Marvel.

Again, by the trailer it looks as if there will be plenty of scenes with that magic in action.

As movie fans are used to a sci-fi theme surrounding many Marvel movies (Thor comes from another planet; Avengers fight off aliens), the theme of magic will be an interesting change.

Originally, Joaquin Phoenix was offered the role of Strange, but decided to turn it down,

Instead, the sorcerer will be played by Benedict Cumberbatch, who has been accepted by fans and certainly looks the part in the trailer and movie posters.

Hopefully Doctor Strange will be a breath of fresh air for Marvel, as most of studio’s films this year have been sequels with characters that fans are already familiar with.

Fans hope Doctor Strange will mark a turning point for these franchises, with more comic characters brought to life on the big screen- just as they will in Wonder Woman and Black Panther.

Unfortunately, fans will have a while to wait for these new characters, with Wonder Woman (DC) screening in June 2017 and Black Panther (Marvel) set for release in February 2018.