Meet the 2013 JCNN Team


JCNN is pleased to present your new team for 2013. We have a diverse bunch of talented students who are here to learn and inspire. Many of them strive for perfection and work round the clock to bring you interesting and relevant stories.

Feel free to pull any of them aside if you have an idea worth investigating. We are here to bring truth and interest stories into an online forum for the James Cook University community. Our interesting team begins with:


Regina Lovic, Editor
Consultation times – Thursday 12-2pm at the JCNN Hub
Regina Lovic is in her third year of a Bachelor of Multimedia Journalism degree, originally from Atherton on the Tablelands. Regina currently runs the JCU Student Association’s newspaper – The Bullsheet. Last year she got the chance to be an intern for the Townsville Writers and Publishers Centre as well as Southern Cross Austereo Townsville. In 2009 she toured through Europe, London and Hong Kong and has kept that hunger for travelling adventures. She is looking forward to working closely with students from every year level and is excited about the prospect of a busy year. She plans on covering controversial and underreported “hard” topics that face students at James Cook University. Her dream is to work for National Geographic as a photojournalist after a stint in court reporting. She ambitiously would love to become Editor-in-Chief for Time Magazine one day…. or one similar.


Lori Turner, Managing Editor
Consultation times – Tuesday 11-1pm at the JCNN Hub
Lori is a third year Multimedia Journalism student who has always had a passion for a good story. Born and raised in London, Lori relocated to Queensland when she was 13. Now she is studying full time in the course of her dreams with big plans ahead. Lori has had interning experience with ABC News and a local public relations consultancy and loves the pressures of working within the media industry. She is currently the managing editor of JCNN.


Hanna McGovern, Managing Editor
Consultation times – Monday 1-3pm‬ at the JCNN Hub‬
Hanna is a third-year Multimedia Journalism student due to graduate at the end of 2013. With a keen interest in all things going on and just being generally nosy, she thoroughly enjoys scoping out untold stories from around the Townsville region. She lived abroad for a year in England and has a passion for travel, food and entertainment, which we would like to translate into work one day. She is interested in all things broadcast, and is hoping to break into radio or TV through her career. ‬‬


Stephanie Waller, Chief Sub-Editor
Consultation times: Thursday 1-3 at the JCNN Hub
Stephanie is currently in her last year of her Multimedia Journalism degree, and is the Chief Sub-Editor for JCNN. After living in her hometown of Rockhampton for 17 years, she moved to Townsville in 2011 to study journalism. As a self-confessed documentary nerd, she loves learning about people and what makes them tick. She has a passion for film and storytelling, and her dream job would be to produce documentaries that tell the unknown story. She is excited to be working with the team to help edit all of JCNN’s stories.‬‬


Sophie Kesteven, ‬ Multimedia Editor
Consultation times – Tuesday 1-3pm‬ at DA10‬-001
Sophie Kesteven is in her third year of Multimedia Journalism at James Cook University, Townsville. ‬ Over the last few years she has gained a wide interest in creating short films and documentaries in the region.‬ She takes a great interest in traveling and has recently returned from a 6 week trip in South America. She also enjoys immersing herself in the Townsville arts, whether it be supporting the local theatre, on stage or in the audience.‬ She hopes to see an increase in JCU students submitting video stories to JCNN this year, as it will allow online viewers to gain a more in-depth knowledge of the news and events in the local region. ‬‬


Laura McKee, Multimedia Editor
Consultation times: Tuesday 10-11;30am at DA10-001
Laura is graduating from the Bachelor of Multimedia Journalism degree this year and is excited for her final year at JCU. She’s got an eye for fun and video stories and you’ll always see her with a camera in her hand. Laura is looking forward to helping other students with their videos as well as creating lots of her own. She likes netball, socialising, shopping, writing for Mayhem magazine, The Bullsheet and is always up for a good time. Laura works with kids at afterschool care but hopes to work behind the scenes, editing footage for the news when she graduates. Her focus this semester is covering Indigenous stories and to build her portfolio by getting involved in as much as possible. Laura really wants to one day live in London and be a journo there.


Yunki Baek., Multimedia Editor
Consultation times: Tuesday 1-3pm am at the JCNN Hub
I am an exchange student from Chung-ang University in South Korea. Being a member of JCNN will be a big challenge in my life. Because this is my first experience not only living abroad but also playing a role of a member of a news team. I am enthusiastic for shooting and editing film. I like watching movie also. I am sure this diverse experience will broaden my view. Although I’m unfamiliar with everything here yet, I am ready to do my best.


Amanda Carter, Arts and Entertainment Editor,

Consultation times: Wednesday 10:30-12:30 at JCNN Hub.
Amanda is currently third-year Multimedia Journalism student at JCU and is the Arts and Entertainment editor for JCNN. Being from a military family she moved around a lot as a child but has called Townsville home for about 11 years now. She is a self-confessed pop culture nerd and has a passion for arts, media and entertainment. Her interests are to support arts and culture in Townsville and to develop a more in-depth way of looking at the media and entertainment around us. She also enjoys delving into the untold stories and finding unique perspectives around our beautiful city. She loves video and print equally but when it comes to multimedia you’ll usually find her behind the camera rather than in front of it. When she graduates her hope is to continue her studies down south by getting a diploma in film and television studies and her dream is to then work for a publication in the arts and entertainment industry. Maybe you’ll see her work in the pages of Empire Magazine one day.


Nicholas O’Sullivan, Political Editor
Consultation times: Monday 9-11am at the JCNN Hub
Nicholas a man of many faces has his finger in a lot of pies. Since graduating from high school in 2009 he has operated his own computer repair business, has produced TV ads, filmed Jessica Mauboy, photographed at the Townsville 400 and trained for triathlons. However his love of Journalism was born in 2010 after being contracted to film a meat protest for a PR company. Since this time he has developed his skills in journalism by running a news blog, which he uses to post his own news stories to.


Dominique, Regional Editor
Consultation times: Thursday 2-4pm at the JCNN Hub
Dominique is currently in her final semester of a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Journalism. She has a keen interest in local and regional news in the North Queensland area. In addition to her work at JCNN Dominique is also a freelance writer and works as a casual News Presenter in the 4TO newsroom.


Rebekah Smith, Reporter
Consultation times: Monday 11-1pm at the JCNN Hub
Rebekah is in her last year of university studying a Bachelor of Multimedia Journalism. As a reporter for JCNN, she’ll be on the look out for interesting people, places and happenings around the James Cook University campus and wider community. She has a bit of a creative streak, with a particular interest in reporting the arts and entertainment industry. Her favourite part of studying journalism so far has been meeting different people and sharing little known stories with others.


Ebony Battersby, Reporter
Consultation times: Wednesday 9-1pm at the JCNN Hub
Ebony is a field reporter for the JCNN team in her final semester of study.
She loves the minorities and the hidden subcultures that comprise the JCU community, and is open to hearing ideas and concerns of students wanting to effect change. Ebony enjoys scaring herself and has long term goals committed to trying to change the current media landscape in Australia.


Kristen Mathiesen, Reporter
Consultation times: at the JCNN Hub
Kristen is currently studying a Bachelor of Multimedia Journalism, due to graduate mid-2014. Upon graduation, Kristen aspires to explore the world, sharing her journey every step of the way. For now she is content exploring those within her reach in North Queensland. Kristen also has a keen eye for fashion and design. Kristen will strive to feed the growing sartorial hunger of JCU and surrounding communities. Kristen loves writing and is interested in working in entertainment and travel journalism. She’s not afraid of the serious stuff either, you will often find her asking the tough, awkward, thought-provoking questions and delving deep into people’s minds. Kristen has a passion for life and aims to share this with you through her pieces for JCNN.