Double Scholarship Win For Cairns Students

Two Cairns JCU students have taken out the 2013 Australasian Campus Towards Sustainably (ACTS) Student Conference Scholarships.

By Marion Walker-Campbell


Bachelor of Sustainability students Sharon Holden and Wesley DeMuth took out this year’s scholarships, both from JCU in Cairns.

Ms. Lena Taylor, the Sustainability Project Officer in Cairns says the students are an inspiration and she is proud of the fact they are being nationally recognised.

“I think that really says a lot about the ground of support and student activity that we are seeing across the University, but particularly in Cairns,” she says.

This is the only scholarship that supports sustainability projects and the criteria are based on the student’s passion in and outside of their studies. The three primary criteria are that they have a scholarly background in sustainability, that they actively support it and plan to have a career within the industry.

“The students both went beyond the call of their studies. They have shown a huge commitment to their community actively volunteering and getting involved with JCU’s internal activities,” Ms Taylor says.

Ms Holden says she became interested in the scholarship when she found it involved a conference where she could meet professionals and hear them speak about the problems they face in sustainability, and how to educate the community on environmental issues.

“My whole objective is to do networking and learn from as many people in the field and that’s what I’ve been trying to do ever since I started my study.  I just saw it as another opportunity to get to know more people in the future,”  Ms Holden says.

JCU is also a finalist in the ACTS award scheme in the area of student initiative.

“It’s great that we’re finalists but if we win, it will be even better because we have two students there,” Ms Taylor says.

The conference will take place in Sydney from September 24-27.