JCU Students Prepare for Cosplay Convention


The James Cook University Society of Manga Anime and Gaming held its biannual Cosplay Event on May 8.

By Sophie Dillon

The SoMAG Cosplay Competition, a highlight of the night, allowed members the opportunity to trial their homemade costumes in front of an audience before heading to Tropicon next month.

It goes without saying that the competition had some serious contenders.

Rachael Russo’s intricate interpretation of Kougyoku Ren’s Djinn Equip from the anime and manga series Magi took first prize.

FIRST PLACE: Winner Rachael Russo. CREDIT: MT Photography

FIRST PLACE: Winner Rachael Russo. CREDIT: MT Photography

Courtney Tighe came in a close second for her cosplay of the creepy robotic Freddy Fazbear, the main antagonist from Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Photo_MT Photography_2nd Place Winner Courtney Tighe

For those who are thinking about joining in the madness in Semester 2 but lack the access and the skillset needed to use a sowing machine don’t despair just yet.

You can still perform a successful cosplay by really becoming your character, something that Ben Schuster proved, as Satoru Iwata the Executive CEO of Nintendo, as the night progressed.

For further information visit their Facebook page.