It’s All About Meme

LOLCATS: An example of an early meme starring cats with bad english skills
PHOTO: cogdogblog (Flikr)

JCNN delved deep into the Internet to bring you a breakdown of the meme.

LOL CATS: An example of an early meme starring cats with bad english skills
PHOTO: cogdogblog (Flikr)

By Caitlin Nicholson

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years you will have seen the infamous meme (pronounced ‘meeme’) sensation sweeping the Internet. For those of you who have just left your boulder abode, a meme is a part of culture that can be passed from one person to another. They are imitations of behaviours in movies, pictures, places and events and are usually accompanied by a quote or humorous remark.

One of the first widely popular memes to emerge was LOL Cats. Cute images of cats were edited to say things like “I can has cheezburger” and other phrases in cutesy, nonetheless bad English. One could imagine this is how cats might actually talk if they could do more than meow. This trend has moved to other species of the animal kingdom, and the language has improved considerably.

Then along came the de-motivational memes that consist of an image with a black background and a witty, sarcastic, or simply observant remark.

A fair few of these relate to other Internet trends, jokes and occurrences so if you’re not privy to Internet jargon, some of these may be confusing. Other people build on these memes, commenting on the comment. Click here to see a good example of the beginning of the cycle.

Rather than simply making fun of everyday situations and pictures, towns are now becoming the subject of memes including our very own Townsville. They are pointing out the humour in tourist traps, local hangouts, clubs and the people.

While mostly amusing, these can occasionally descend into personal attacks, racism and defamation although this isn’t the norm.

JCU’s Townsville campus is also under siege with its page, JCU Memes, amassing over a thousand views since its creation in July. Students, lecturers, campus accommodation and parking are all criticised. The page’s display image shows a JCU website screen donning the Scumbag Steve hat – a meme character known for his all take and no give attitude.

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PHOTO: JCU Memes Facebook page