Groovin’ The Moo Survival Guide

FESTIVAL FEVER: The set time list for Townsville's GTM

Heading out to Townsville’s top music festival this weekend? We have all the tips you need to survive the day.

By Kristen Mathiesen

Townville’s biggest social event of the season is fast approaching and the word on everyone’s lips is ‘Groovin’, but what do first time Moo-ers need to know?

You’ve got your ticket and your outfit sorted. You’ve got a couple of pre-Groovin’ parties lined up to get you into that festival spirit. You’re ready to let loose and dance the day away. But what have you forgotten? We’ve got your back; here is a list of essentials that you may not have thought to take.

We guarantee these items will get you through the day and well into the night.

FESTIVAL FEVER: The set time list for Townsville's GTM

FESTIVAL FEVER: The set time list for Townsville’s GTM.

Sunscreen – The festival venue doesn’t offer much in the way of shade so heed the advice of the Sun Mum and lather up.

Hat and Sunglasses – Townsville is synonymous with sunshine, keep this in mind when packing your festival survival kit. Remember cheap is best so you don’t have to stress about loosing or breaking your favourite sunnies while breaking it down to Disclosure. Also, Crazy Clarkes does a mean $4 sombrero!

Comfy shoes – Comfortable shoes are a must! You are going to be on your feet for the better half of a day so put on the comfiest pair of dancing shoes you have at your disposal. Closed-in is always best to protect your feet from overzealous festival-goers in the mosh.

Poncho or Raincoat – There is always a chance it could rain. Leave your bulky umbrellas at home and opt for something small and lightweight like a raincoat or a poncho. After all, it’s impossible to be unhappy in a poncho.

Water – You’re rocking out front row at Karnivool but the dust kicked up by the mosh pit is wreaking havoc on your lungs, you don’t want to miss the end of their set just to go find some water. Aah, but what’s this? The handy bottle of water you packed for such an occasion, thanks past self! Trust me, you are going to want to consume a lot of water. Save time and money by taking your own bottle which you can refill as needed at the water stations provided.

Cash – Probably the one thing I always forget and the one thing you need the most. If you want to purchase food, drinks, merchandise, or anything, you will need cash! There will be an ATM on site but we already know what that line is going to look like. Save yourself the stress of having to borrow cash from friends by thinking in advance and taking your own.

Snacks – It has to be said that you are probably going to be caught up having so much fun that you are going to forget to eat. Or you may wander past a food vendor but be put off by the length of those lines. Pack yourself some snacks to get you through the afternoon. Mixed nuts, fruit, protein bars, etc. are all a quick energy fix to keep you dancing through the night.

Earplugs – If loud music isn’t your thing, or you simply want to protect those delicate ears of yours, a pair of earplugs can never go astray.

Vitamins – This is not so important during the festival but remember to maintain your vitamin intake before and after Groovin to best protect yourself from Festival Fever.

Lastly, remember to take a good attitude. As sweet as the line-up is, your festival experience will only be as good as you make it.

Festival Details:

When – Sunday 4th May, 2014. Gates open 10.30am.

Where – Murray Sports Complex, Annandale QLD 4814.

You can buy your tickets online through MOSHTIX or through selected independent outlets. Tickets are $99.90 + booking fee. Please visit for more information.