CrimWatch Weekly comes to TripleT Radio


Townsville region’s community radio station Triple T 103.9 has launched a new 10-minute segment on crime called CrimWatch Weekly hosted by two JCU lecturers.Triple T has launched CrimWatch Weekly with hosts Dr Amy Forbes and Dr Mark David Chong from JCU’s College of Arts, Society and Education (CASE).

The 10-minute program airs every Tuesday at 6:40 pm and in the segment, Mark and Amy discuss the growing crime rate in Townsville and surrounding areas.

They discuss topics ranging from doing citizen arrests, the pros and cons of organising vigilante groups, using social media to name and shame offenders, etc.

If you missed the first two episodes, listen to them here:

Episode 1   Is there a crimewave in Townsville?

Ep. 1 –…/triple-tshow-crimwatch-weekly

Episode 2   Vigilantism: Pros and Cons
Ep 2 –…/episode-2-crimwatch-weekly

Episode  3 – Local government responses and initiatives to curb criminality in Townsville

Ep 3 -

Episode 4 – Parental responsibilities under the law over disciplining children

Ep 4 –

Episode 5 – Results of nationwide wastewater drug monitoring project  showing methamphetamines as the most used drug in Australia

Ep 5 –

Episode 6 – What are the rehabilitation prospects of an ice addict? What laws govern the use of drugs in Queensland?

Ep 6 –

Episode 7 – Car thefts in Townsville (Part 1)

Ep 7-

Episode 8 – Car thefts in Townsville (Part 2 Do’s and Don’ts)

Ep 8 -

Episode 9 – So you want to be a police officer? (Part 1)

Ep 9 –

Episode 10 – So you want to be a police officer? (Part 2)

Ep 10 –