Carpooling to Ease Parking Problems

Greenride - a carpooling initiative

Carpooling is set to relieve the stress of finding a park for both students and staff at James Cook University.

By Madeline Whiting

Greenride - a carpooling initiative

HITCH A RIDE: The online registration system allows users to interact and form a group to carpool with.

James Cook University has introduced a carpooling program in an effort to solve campus car parking problems and reduce carbon gas emissions in Cairns.

The program entitled GreenRide allows students and staff to register online where they are travelling from and if they need a ride or can provide one to others.

TropEco Manager Adam Connell says that the Greenride program was designed specifically for the Cairns campus.

“There are other programs out there being used by other universities and workplaces, but there were shortfalls in using these so we decided to build our own system that catered specifically for the Cairns campus,” Mr. Connell said.

James Cook University Environmental Coordinator Lania Lynch says the program could prove to be most valuable within the first few weeks of semester.

“Parking is a real issue at the Cairns campus in the first few weeks of semester and students already organise car pooling among themselves; this simplifies the process,” Ms. Lynch says.

“If you have a couple of seats spare in your car, you simply post a listing on GreenRide then receive notifications from compatible users.”

Ms. Lynch hopes that the program’s popularity will grow as carpooling can prove to be a better alternative to public transport.

“It’s also a good way to make new friends and can help with the running costs of your car.

“Its also likely to be a cheaper alternative than the public transport option.”

GreenRide will not only relieve some parking issues but it will reduce carbon gas emissions which is something TropEco supports strongly.

Until then, Ms. Lynch suggests finding another eco-friendly mode of transport to university.

“Another sustainable transport option is to ride a bike, then you have no CO2 emissions and can eat as much chocolate as you like.  That’s my preferred option!”

GreenRide is currently being trialed on the Cairns campus only but there are plans to expand the program to Townsville in the near future.

If you are interested in partaking in the program you can register at