Are you driving correctly?

Photo source: aimhelix

Townsville drivers have reached boiling point when it comes to bad drivers, speaking out about their pet hates on the road.

By Jazmin Malcolm

Townsville residents have had enough of the bad and dangerous driving that they are experiencing everyday on local roads.

A recent poll conducted by The Buzz Car Insurance reveals that 99 per cent of drivers have had an unsafe experience while driving.

RACQ’s Senior Road Safety Advisor Joel Tucker says the most common complaint from road users is tailgating.

“RACQ members frequently report tailgating as their number one driver behaviour of concern,” Joel says.

“Whether it is intentional or unintentional, it can increase a driver’s crash risk and nose-to-tail crashes are common on Queensland’s roads.”

Photo source: aimhelix

Photo source: aimhelix

Joel says there is a number of reasons people decide to tailgate other vehicles.

“It could be due to not knowing what a safe gap looks like, over-confidence in their ability to react to the unexpected and bring their vehicle to a stop and, in some cases, impatience or even using it to try and encourage other vehicles to speed up,” Joel says.

“RACQ recommends that drivers keep at least a two second gap between their vehicle and the vehicle in front of them, and that in wet weather or other hazardous conditions they double this minimum gap to at least four seconds.”

Townsville resident Benjamin O’leary says there is a number of mistakes by other road users that make him feel unsafe.

“When I’m on my motorbike all I see are eyes looking down,” Benjamin says,

“People texting, changing songs, on the phone.

“That stuff makes me crazy.”

Laws student Mathai Joshi says indicating is an issue that worries him.

“I’m annoyed at people who don’t indicate and turn into a lane,” Mathai says.

Townsville local Katelyn Adams says her car is often missed by only centimetres by careless drivers.

“There are people who fly down to the end of a merging lane to overtake everyone else and expect to be let in at the last second with no notice and miss my car by mere centimetres,”

“I live by the golden rule; do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Katelyn says.

If you would like more information on road rules or membership head over to RACQ.