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Turnbull to ‘save’ Great Barrier Reef


The Australian Government will invest $1 billion into the Great Barrier Reef in an effort to improve water quality, reduce climate change and save a multi-billion dollar tourism industry.

Water park the new big wet for Townsville


The Strand water park will be completely renewed in the coming months as the council invests 2.8 million dollars in the city’s attraction.

Opinion: Nine isn’t WINning


For too long now Australians have had to put up with the cringe-worthy coverage of cricket and rugby league courtesy of the Nine Network.

Opinion: Massacre highlights need for change


Gun laws, it’s a touchy subject, and one I often try to avoid discussing over the internet. But this week I’m breaking my silence because all over the world, people look in terror at the USA.

Review: X-Men Apocalypse


With a name like X-Men Apocalypse you may think the film would have high stakes and plenty of action, but unfortunately, it felt repetitively flat with only a few good scenes.

Sisters Doll rock Townsville

Credit: Sisters Doll

Melbourne-based glam rock band Sisters Doll performed at The Venue last month, and what an experience.