“My Family Stickers” Advertisement for Opportunistic Crime

Stick famnily

Could you be putting your self in danger by using My Family Stickers?

By Hannah Watt

My Family Stickers may be unintentionally providing insight into your personal life from the back of your car.

The stickers can depict a variety of ages, interests and occupations such as children playing, parents in their said occupation and pets.

Director of Research Education and Major Coordinator of Criminolgy and Criminal Justice Studies Dr Mark Chong says criminals could be watching your car.

“Criminals casing out potential victims would take My Family Stickers into account if the stickers were seen,” Dr Chong says.

Sam Collings presents her My Family stickers on the back of her car

Sam Collings presents her My Family stickers on the back of her car.

Any information that a person gives willingly to the public can be taken into account.

“There is already research showing that houses with signs stating that they have dogs in the yard or that a security alarm system protects the area suffer less victimization from burglars than those that do not have such signs,” Dr Chong says.

“Deceptive measures can be utilized such as adding a dog sticker into the mix.

“Such measures are of course not full proof but are there to deter or prevent some criminals; especially those who are less professional from breaking and entering into those homes.”

Many people are not aware of the risk that these stickers may possess, however it is an alarming realization when they find out.

Sam Collings who is from a family of six and proudly displays her My Family Stickers on the back of the car says she was alarmed to hear of the risks.

“I’m proud of the size of my family and I love how the stickers can show their different ages and certain bits of their personality but I find it alarming that certain people can take it into account for the wrong reasons,” Sam says.

“If I had a smaller family I would be a bit worried.”