Dash Cams as Insurance

Photography by: Simon Cross Source: News Limited

Dashboard cameras are becoming more and more popular as a means of insurance for drivers globally.

By Madeline Whiting

Surveillance: A GoPro set up as a dash cam.

Surveillance: A GoPro set up as a dash cam.

Dash cams have captured dangerous acts and incidents that would normally go unseen such as car accidents, assaults and police violence.

A video dubbed ‘Australia’s Worst Road Rage’ went viral in 2012 after a violent act of road rage was caught on a driver’s dash cam in Cornubia near Logan, south of Brisbane.

Administrator of Townsville Bad Drivers Exposed Facebook group, Jeff Pratt says that everyone should invest in a dash cam, as they can be the difference in a judge’s verdict if involved in an incident.

“[They are] very important for the following reasons: they can prove guilt or innocence in a car accident,” Mr Pratt says.

“Surveillance and peace of mind when away from [your] vehicle.

“It can promote road safety and educate people about certain situations and it can help other people who are looking for witnesses to something that might have occurred while driving.”

The dash cam could be something very reliable for the future of motor vehicle transport – especially for employers who could utilize a dash cam to ensure any incidents were not their employee’s fault and to confirm that the employee is using the car appropriately.

“It is plugged in to the cars power supply so every time I turn the car on it starts recording,” Mr Pratt says.

“It also has parking mode where it recording is activated when it senses movement around your car.”

Dash Cam Australia representative Nick DeFazio says that insurance companies should consider bringing dash cams into their premiums.

“If insurance companies incorporate them into giving cheaper premiums, the whole thing will just explode,” Mr. DeFazio says.

There is an argument that dash cams are an invasion of privacy as people are unaware they are being filmed and have not given permission to be filmed with number plates shown.

Legally in a public space motorists can film whomever and whatever they wish but if they are intentionally filming a specific individual constantly, there may be grounds for complaints of stalking.

If you are involved or witness an incident caught on dash cam footage, contact Police on 131 444 (non emergency) or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.